Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sleeping Bag Down the Stairs!

Good Idea- Remember the good old days when all you needed to have fun was a sleeping bag and some stairs? Yep so did Sean.

Bad Idea- Unfortunately, this may be one of those games needing an age appropriate tag attached on it. I was putting some things away when all of a sudden I heard the all too familiar sound of a flying sleeping bag. Confused at the sound, I peeked around the corner to find Sean, wrapped in a sleeping bag, lying crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. His only response, "This did not hurt this bad when I was eight!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Nester or Empty Nester?

Good Idea - During the sacrament on Sunday our Bishop, who looks and sounds exactly like Phil from Modern Family, announced there was a New Nesters activity Monday night.

Bad Idea - Apparently trying to read over your lesson during the sacrament isn't the best idea. Sean and I pulled up to the New Nesters activity a little confused. There was definitely an activity going on, but it wasn't exactly the group we were expecting. Within no time we had a group of older men and women inviting us to join them for the Empty Nesters family home evening activity! Maybe next time guys :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Blog is Back!

Exactly one year ago today, I wrote my last blog post! In one quick sentence or two the last year went something like this...After graduating with my Bachelors, Sean was able to get an internship in advertising and marketing.  We left cute little apartment in Ogden and moved to beautiful Seattle.  While in Washington, Sean was able to get into BYU's Advertising program!  After completing the internship, we packed our bags once again and settled in Cougar Town Provo.  Sean still works for the company he interned for as an offsite employee and I was able to land a job in human resources for a software company, which I absolutely love!  Life is fantastic and we couldn't be happier.

Without further adieu, let the good and bad ideas begin!  Enjoy!

I thought I would start with last nights events.  We could hardly contain ourselves as we waited to pick my brother Adam up from the airport!  Adam returned home after serving a two year mission in Mozambique.  Needless to say he was a little shell shocked when he stepped on the soft carpet, saw the fridge, and laid down in his bed!  He had literally been sleeping on the floor for months.  We were so happy to finally have our brother home.  However, the events leading up to his return was a little more stressful rather than blissfully happy.

Good Idea -  
My mom wanted to make a poster for Adam, so when we pulled into the drive-way he had a huge "Welcome Home" sign hanging on the house.

Bad Idea - 
Despite efforts to make everything perfect, there was just a little too much going on and shall we say one to many distractions.  Luckily most people have given us the benefit of the doubt and thought this was just an inside joke and people on his mission must have called him, "Elder Barow" rather than "Elder Barlow."

Good Idea - 
Get to the airport early and let dad drive!

Bad Idea - 
Apparently mom wasn't the only one distracted. Our good idea of letting dad drive to the airport proved to be more stressful than productive.  He was just as distracted as my mom!  Sean and I were in the backseat trying our best not to be backseat drivers, but we just couldn't resist after we passed the exit to the airport.  Luckily we still made it on time thanks to our good idea of leaving early.  However, the drive home with our missionary proved to be just as difficult.  How can we possibly focus on driving at a time like this?!  Next time a police escort might be necessary.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old CD's to Coasters?

Good Idea - The TV room has become the second dinning area for Sean and I.  We've been meaning to buy some coasters for a long time to add to our little "kitchen."  However, why buy when you could just make one!  For family night Sean and I thought outside the box to accomplish this task.

First...all of us probably have a million CD's lying around the house.  I had albums full of CD's sharpied  Mix #1, Mix #4, Best Mix Ever, and of course  Epic Mix.

Second, we wanted to make this a recycled project, so we found some newspapers which would go on top of the CD's.  We traced the CD's over the newspapers and then cut them out.  The paper was then modge podged onto the CD.  

Third, after it was dried, we used polyurethane to seal the paper so it would hold up a little better.  This was soooo easy!  The hardest part was just waiting for it to dry.  The finished product looks like this!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Good Idea - Last night I had this great idea of making a little craft for our kitchen.  I gathered all of the materials, which might I add cost about $5, and got to work.  I was so excited to finally be doing a craft, I didn't realize exactly what I was doing...

Bad Idea - After A LOT of convincing, I finally got Sean to come to Saver's with me to get some old silverware I could spray paint.  Of course I wasn't going to use our own silverware, so we ran to the store and found the perfect trio.  Sean was preoccupied by a football game, which provided me with plenty of time to complete my project.  However, a midst the  excitement I had laid out several trio's of forks, knifes, and spoons including my own.  I couldn't wait any longer so I grabbed three and ran outside to start painting.  It wasn't until my second coat of paint that it hit me.  The Saver's bag was still on the table forks, knifes, and spoons still inside!  I had painted our very own silverware black.  I guess on the positive side it turned out kinda cute!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

Good Idea - Spending time with friends and eating lots of delicious food!

Bad Idea - The sneak attack bum shots.  This may have been a good idea to Landon at the time, however, now this shot is on my blog to be viewed by whomever stumbles upon it.

Good Idea - While the girls chit-chatted, the boys were hard at work on a 500 piece puzzle

Bad Idea - Providing me with another embarrassing photo muahahahaha

Good Idea - A string of good ideas

Bad Idea - Jumping in the middle of the picture?!  It was just too tempting wasn't it Seaner?

Good Idea - Spending time we some of the people we love the most.  Thanks everyone for an amazing year!  We love and appreciate each of you and feel so blessed to have you in our lives.  
Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Garbage Bags and Stockings

Good Idea - Rather than recycling our grocery bags, Sean and I simply stuffed them on the side of our fridge.  After 1 1/2 years we finally decided it was time to do our environmental duty.

Bad Idea - Who would have thought our tiny kitchen could have held almost 400 grocery bags!  Many of these bags became home to spiders who, unfortunately, did not survive very long living in plastic.  Needless to say the cleanup process was pretty stressful as I didn't want an attack from any surviving homeowners.

And yes we do have green tile :)

Good Idea - For Christmas this year, Sean and I decided it was about time we got some stockings.  Sean, with his mad deal finding skills, found the perfect stockings.  We quickly ordered them and impatiently waited for them to arrive.  Finally, after what seemed weeks, we opened our package to find...

Bad Idea - 

Seeing as I am not a Leah I will be happy to give this stocking to anyone either named Leah or knows someone with the name Leah.  Help me make my bad idea your good idea!